Prices and services for window tints

Car Window Tinting

For lovers of safety, comfort and beauty tinted windows are really luxurious things. For some drivers it is very important  to find out what is the price to make their car windows tinted .Prices start from 40$ at the very cheap place and go up to 400. The price, of course, depends on the car mark, tape or window shape.

According to some laws, the vehicle owner will be fined if the windows are tinted maximally ( 90 percent and more) . So, it is very important to know how to apply or remove the tint tape as you don’t know how the laws of your country about car tints might change. As it is known,the tinted windows have no problem according to the laws when it comes to rear windows of the vehicle. In most countries, it is most common to apply 60 or 40% transparent tints on the other windows of the car.If you want to remove tints from the both sides, then it will cost 15$ per glass in the windshield, obviously, prices may vary according to some countries and government regulations. Read the rest of this entry »

Some FAQ-s about tinted windows

Tinted windows make effective appearance for a car and protect the vehicle interior from fading, increases the efficient operation of air conditioning and even eliminates glare. You should not forget that car tinting film strengthens the glass and prevents injury accidents as well as smashed glasses. Tinted car windows emphasize the beauty and individuality of your car and increase comfort and safety for a driver.

Car Window Tinting

1.Learn more about light transmission percentage

Film with a light transmission of 50% is visually very similar to the 70% of the film. This film gives the window a light mirror reflection. Film with a light transmission of 35% is also popular with drivers. Front windows with such films, are looking nice from the outside and it is possible to distinguish the driver’s face .Film with a light transmission of 20% is well suited for new drivers. It does not interfere with the view in any weather and at the same time gives the car an interesting view. Nowadays, film with a light transmission of 15% is probably the most common. This film can hide things and bags in the salon from outside. The inner visibility is very good in any weather, day and night.

2.How to determine the film quality

A film of high quality withstands high temperatures and heating. Some expensive tint films have the ability of thermal expansion, in other words, they can withstand extreme cold or extreme heat. The quality is determined with two components: the material and execution of applying works. If there are no light stripes, blistering, optical distortion, rainbow patterns and the color is the same everywhere then the applying work is done well.

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Video tutorial How to tint your car

Here is a tutorial how to tint your car at home

Things you should know about car tints

Car window tinting has become very popular in almost every part of the world. There are numerous reasons why tints for a vehicle deserve to become more common day by   day and successful including privacy, passenger security and style. But let’s start from the beginning. What is a car window tint? It is a tint that is applied to the windows of your car using a strong adhesive that can hold the glass of the window together. Apart from many advantages, the film can prevent a glass from shattering and makes cleaning windows easier. There are lots of things that you should know about tints. Below I will mention some of them.

Types of Tint
Car tints come in a wide range of colors including blue and grey, the most common colors used are charcoal and brown that may come in high performance tint- specially made for avoiding solar heat and ultra violet rays. In this modern world, sometimes tints are purchased for car style, so you will be able to find tints with different shades and some special effects like-metallic, mirrored, semi reflective

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Reasons for getting your car windows tinted

Nowadays window tinting is a thriving business that is going to rule the auto world. Using tints on car windows is a common experience throughout the world. There are many palpable benefits and features that I would like to mention below. The benefits of this steadily growing trend include drivers’ safety, blockage of UV rays, concern of privacy and more. I will talk about the details of each benefit below.

Car Window Tinting Benefits

Protection from UV rays

Tinting provides good visibility for people who are inside your car. It helps you to take the control of the amount of rays and lights that get into your car. How is it possible? With tint films, you are able to make sure that sunlight is coming in your car but limit the light, so its effect is not too strong. Automotive tint is very useful as it rejects the harmful ultra violet rays that come from the sun. They can really damage your car interior not to mention your skin and harm that comes from direct sunlight. Direct exposure to the sun causes wide range of skin aging, dryness, itching and cancer. Car window tints specially designed to deflect sunlight   successfully reject UV lights so they upholstery protect the eyes of a driver from sun glare and severe exposure to sunlight. So with tints you can reduce infrared and ultraviolet (UV) light from permeating through the windows.

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